Tree Planting

HEAT will soon take delivery of  840 tree saplings from the Woodland Trust.

Thursday 26th November and Saturday 5th December will be planting days – WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!

If you are interested in volunteering, or have some land where trees can be planted, please get in contact by emailing

Planting trees helps offset carbon emissions as trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, thereby reducing greenhouse gases which cause climate change. For details please see  this article by Dr. Mike Morecroft who lives in Hungerford and works for Natural England, is an Honourary Research Associate at Oxford University, and a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

HEAT is working on planting trees in and around Hungerford and have procured a large selection of saplings (rowan, silver birch, wild cherry, common oak, field maple, grey willow) from the Woodland Trust. If you have land where trees can be planted please contact us.

In addition we are talking to Richard Benyon MP about the potential for local landowners and farmers to plant more trees and also to local councils who own land where trees may be planted.

In 2019, HEAT supported Hungerford Primary School to help every pupil plant a tree.