Fruit picking

Picket Mead Organic Orchard

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October are Fruit Picking days in Hungerford. Come and volunteer!

Saturday 10th. We are helping to pick apples in private gardens and around town to support people who are unable to pick their own or simply have too many to pick. Meet at the Town Hall steps at 10am.

Sunday 11th. We are helping the Town and Manor of Hungerford to harvest their orchard. Meet at Picket Mead Organic Orchard, Bath Road, Hungerford, RG17 0HE (opposite Dobbies Garden Centre going towards Newbury) at 10am.

What to bring
Please wear suitable, sturdy shoes and gloves. Please bring containers/bags and apples pickers if you have them.

Getting involved
If you are interested in getting involved with Hungerford Town and Manor orchard longer term, please let us know.

Please read the risk assessment for visiting the orchard:
What will happen to the produce?
The majority of the produce is donated to West Berkshire Food Bank for distributing to those in need. The fallen apples and pears are turned into bottled juice by My Apple Juice and sold at local community events. All volunteers are welcome to take a selection of produce home too.

What’s in the orchard?
•Over 100 trees – several rare and unique varieties
•Around 25 mature apple & pear trees
•Plum trees
•Green gages
•Treehive & beehive

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