Electric Vehicles

A recording of HEAT’s recent online event ‘Any EV Questions?’ can be found by following this link

zoom_0.mp4 – Google Drive

The event gave an opportunity for people to ask questions to a panel of EV owners about what it is like to own and drive an electric vehicle.

Read the recent article about Electric Vehicles on Penny Post here A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Vehicles – Penny Post

Not yet sure that an electric car would suit you?
Try this short 8-question quiz to find out and point you to further information sources: https://bit.ly/HEATEVQuiz2021

A map of EV charging points in Hungerford. ‘YOU ARE HERE’ = Railway Bridge

Other suggested links:
The Electric Vehicle Database https://ev-database.uk/ shows all the electric cars available now in the UK and those coming in 2021. Choose the type of car you are interested in and the website will highlight the relevant makes and models to look at.

Another similar site to look at https://www.nextgreencar.com/ – more ways of choosing and car reviews as well.

https://fullycharged.show/reviews/ has more good reviews of many of the available models and the rest of the Fully Charged website has a vast amount of relevant information.

In particular the “Maddie Goes Electric” free series of 6 videos on choosing and living with an electric car are a very informative introduction – https://fullycharged.show/episodes/group/box-sets/

To find all the 20,000+ public car charging points around the UK use https://www.zap-map.com/ 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlines his Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution for 250,000 jobs: