Next Pop-Up Shop

Our last Pop-Up Shop was held on 12th May 2019 and was a great success. We’re planning the next Hungerford Pop-Up Shop, so watch this space and we will post the next date soon.

Highlights included:

Scoop – Zero Waste will be offering over 20 different dried products including Jeeves and Jericho English breakfast tea, fusilli pasta, walnuts, dried apricots and rice.

Thatcham Refillable will be offering SESI detergent refills. Their aim is to provide sustainable household products, made in the U.K and sourced as locally as possible. Their containers go back to the factory to be refilled and sent back to them again once they’re empty.

You’ll need to bring along your own bags, bottles and containers, so start stocking up now.

Other local produce will be on sale, as well as the opportunity to sign up to an organic, local vegetable scheme from Harroway Organic Gardens, Whitchurch, Hants, near Watership Down – chemical free farming in harmony with nature and wildlife.

To compliment the plastic free theme there will also be a drop-in Eco-brick making workshop.

Eco-bricks are plastic bottles stuffed so full of non-recyclable plastic that they are heavy enough to be used as a brick! Please bring a clean and dry bottle (500ml is ideal to start – the smaller the better) and any kind of clean and dry plastic (e.g. crisp packets, wraps from a variety of goods, plastic trays, etc.), a ‘pushing stick’ (for a small bottle, a wooden spoon with a long handle will be fine) and a pair of scissors.


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